To change the way you feel you must change the way you think

Hi everyone! My name is Ericka, NP and Founder of PureAesthetix. I wear a few different hats. My aesthetics practice is based out of my other job. I work out of an alternative medicine clinic – Age Management Optimal Wellness Centers (AMOWC) we do hormone replacement therapy, medical weight loss, manage adrenal fatigue/ adrenal insufficiency, and thyroid issues. My mission in life is to help you feel good on the inside and look good on the outside. When I first got into the alternative medicine and aesthetic speciality I thought to myself “wow you are changing lives.” Throughout my experience in these two fields, I realized something. A lot of people go to me to help them physically feel and look good but where it really starts is in your mind. Mental happiness and peace is a beautiful thing.

I want to talk about something not all of us learn growing up… self-love.

Self-love by definition is having high regards for your own well-being and happiness.

If you can answer 1) what makes you happy and 2) are you truly happy? You are on your way. I want to open up with you all about the importance of mental health and your overall wellbeing for many different reasons.

Let’s start today’s post with the physical side effects of anger, sadness, unhappiness, you name it. Let’s start with anger. This is a natural response to perceived threats. Your Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) or “fight or flight” response kicks in causing your body to release adrenaline, muscles tighten, and your heart rate and blood pressure to increase. Your senses might feel more acute and your face and hands flushed. However, anger becomes a problem only when you don’t manage it in a healthy way. Cortisol spikes in times of stress and is the primary stress hormone that increases sugars (glucose) in the bloodstream which enhances your brain’s use of glucose and increases the availability of substances that repair tissues. Cortisol alters functions that would be nonessential or harmful in a fight-or-flight perceived situation. It also alters immune system responses and suppresses growth processes, the digestive system, and reproductive system. This complex natural alarm system also communicates with the brain regions that control fear, motivation, and mood, Mayo Clinic

Happiness is a state of mind and I want to help get you there. You are not alone.